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The Power of Public Speaking - The Very Skill That Massively Amplifies Your Leadership Influence
By: Tan Kwan Hong
Many great leaders are great public speakers. They possess a tremendous ability to communicate their brilliance to the masses.

Public Speaking - The Life Skill You Will Need For Personal and Professional Success
By: Tan Kwan Hong
Public speaking is a fundamental life skill that can increase your success in your personal and professional endeavors. Master public speaking and enjoy the benefits ...

Why Public Speaking Can Make You a Faster and More Effective Learner
By: Tan Kwan Hong
Be a faster and better learner through public speaking. As much as 70% of what you speak about gets retained, thus enhancing your memory skills.

Amplify Your Influence - Influence More People Through Public Speaking
By: Tan Kwan Hong
Spread your brilliant ideas through public speaking. Reach out to more people every time you wish to inform, influence or inspire!

Public Speaking Helps You Multiply Your Income and Scale Your Business
By: Tan Kwan Hong
All great leaders are great public speakers. Leaders of great businesses need to be great communicators. If you want to be a leader, you must ...

To Influence People, Focus on Delivering Objective Change
By: Tan Kwan Hong
A speech to inform merely seeks to inform the audience about a piece of news, educate the audience on a piece of knowledge, or merely ...

Three Killer Guiding Questions To Help You Understand and Influence Your Audience
By: Tan Kwan Hong
A thorough understanding of your audience will allow you to build instant rapport with them, setting the hot bed for influence. Go all out to ...

How To Influence Your Audience By Selling Benefits
By: Tan Kwan Hong
To influence any audience, focus on selling the benefits of your products, services or solutions. Go one step further by linking the benefits to the ...

10 Proven And Tested Tips To Build Instant Rapport With Your Audience
By: Tan Kwan Hong
Building rapport constitutes as one of the most important aspects of public speaking. It is not enough to get the audience to trust you; you ...

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