Thursday, 14 February 2013

[TechRepublic] Make your presentation a conversation

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TechRepublic Member | February 14, 2013

Make your presentation a conversation

The fear of public speaking is widespread. Here are a few tips for making it easier. Read more

Resource of the day

Whitepaper: Complexity and Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Deployments

Upgrading the IT infrastructure to support the latest cloud computing technologies can be a big undertaking. Read this to learn how the Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC can help.

IT innovation: Why are US and UK bottom of the pile?

US and UK organisations are putting less into innovative IT than their international counterparts - and well below firms in Brazil. Read more

What's with Generation Y and online privacy?

Depending on whom you ask, members of Generation Y either have online privacy figured out, or they haven't a clue. Michael P. Kassner looks at who's right. Read more

The CIO resume vs. The CTO resume

Don't confuse the position of CIO with CTO when you're applying for one of those jobs. Resume expert Jennifer Hay talks about the difference. Read more

How to resign gracefully from a contract

When you need to end an IT consulting contract earlier than planned, honesty and integrity are key. Find out what other advice Chip Camden offers for such situations. Read more

Featured multimedia


Rackspace: How to create and destroy a VM

Here is a first look at the Rackspace interface to sign up for virtual servers. View on site

Today's recommended downloads

Live Webcast: 14 cloud security challenges for 2013 (GFI Software)

SPARC Enterprise Server Architecture: Flexible, Mainframe-Class Compute Power (Oracle)

Cloudera Manager - Free Edition (Cloudera)

Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebLogic Server (Oracle)

Data Center Temperature Rise During a Cooling System Outage (APC by Schneider Electric)

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