Thursday, 15 November 2012

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Two Rules of Expository Preaching
By: Tony D Guthrie
They tell us that expository preaching tends to be irrelevant to the contemporary audience. Who "they" are, at least for me, remains the big question. ...

Life Application Sermon Outlines
By: Tony D Guthrie
Whenever I discuss sermon outlining with my students there is almost always a need to do a little deprogramming of their thinking. This is because ...

One Clear Message - Basic Speech Construction Tips
By: Richard Riche
Next time you speak at a meeting, training session or deliver a presentation deliver a clear and compelling message, with confidence, and your audience will ...

Why the Pause Is Invaluable in Public Speaking and When to Do It
By: Nancy Daniels
I recently worked with a woman who spoke at 100 mph and seldom paused to take a breath - even in normal conversation. Most people, ...

Presidential Debate Number 2: Who Won?
By: Stephanie Scotti
The tension was palatable as the 2012 Presidential Town Hall meeting concluded. Following the debate, both men greeted their families and then continued campaigning - ...

1st Presidential Debate: Obama Lacked-The-Luster of a Commander and Chief
By: Stephanie Scotti
First, let me state that I observed the presidential debate from a non-partisan point of view. As a speaker coach, I was listening for clarity ...

Presidential Debate Number 3: Five Lessons to Step-Up Your Next Presentation
By: Stephanie Scotti
The pressure was on, each candidate striving to deliver the knock-out punch that would leave a lasting impression, swaying undecided voters. Two evenly matched candidates, ...

Presidential Election: Winner and Loser, How Gracious Were They?
By: Stephanie Scotti
Watching the presidential election coverage I wondered, how the two candidates felt as the returns streamed in? How would the "loser" prepare himself for his ...

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